компания недвижимость москва

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компания недвижимость москва

компания недвижимость москва

куртки пуховики

ISBN 9781906261474 448 с. на английском языке Мягкая обложка Вес: 480 г. Plan your trip to the land popularly known for its canals, windmills, tulips, clogs, and bicycles with Green Guide Netherlands. See the Romanesque architecture of Maastricht’s cathedral, and look out for traditional gabled buildings in Amsterdam. From flower auctions in Aalsmeer through the Ecodrome in Zwolle, the Green Guide Netherlands provides all you need to create that memorable vacation. Whether it’s cycling through Rotterdam, bird watching on the Wadden Islands, skating on Friesland’s frozen lakes in the winter, or cruising along Amsterdam’s canals – the Netherlands has an inviting range of activities on offer. Features A Planning Your Trip section is abundant in practical information, from transportation in and around the country to the various accommodations available Detailed listings of outdoor activities take you cycling along Rotterdam’s canals, hiking in Apeldoorn, sailing in the Utrecht lake district, or simply enjoying a coffee in a Bruin café Address Books placed throughout the guide show you the best places to stay and eat Learn of the importance of dunes and dikes in this low-lying land, the limestone of Limbourg, and nature conservation from descriptions and color illustrations A history of the Netherlands spans the first settlers in 30000BC through the Vikings, the Spanish occupation, the French domination, and the 21C  Features on military, religious, and civil architecture, art, literature, language, music, and traditions and folklore depict a rich culture Sights laid out alphabetically provide easy navigation to direct you on your trip Specially created driving tours and walking tours, and excursions offer in-depth familiarity to a place 55 Michelin maps – including town plans, touring and regional maps – help you organize your time and plot your journey  Michelin’s renowned star-rating system helps you plan your trip by telling what sights are the most...





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